Chronicles of My 21 Day Challenge (and quest to start an online business)

My 21 Day Challenge. I got the idea from Tim Ferriss’ blog, which I’ll repost here: This sums up the challenge well. Tim is the author of the “4 Hour Work Week”. I am reading his book now, and will be employing his ideas to create my “muse” and automated cash flow.

As far as the 21 day challenge, there are 2 challenges for me. The original challenge is going 21 days (the theory is it takes 21 days to create a new habit) of not complaining. Within this challenge I’ve also included not using any curse words.

I am in Day 6 of this challenge, though, I am at Day Zero. I used a curse word before 6:30am. Nice! This is proving the toughest part of the challenge for me. So far I’ve gone one full day in this challenge without a complaint or curse word.

It’s easy to tell if I’m going strong in my challenge, or if I’ve been derailed for the day, like today. If you see me wearing my yellow Livestrong bracelet, I am on track! I take it off the days I violate the terms of the challenge.

I will also be posting updates as I go through Tim’s book and put his thoughts and experiences to work for me, and possibly, a business partner to be.

Future posts will surely be concise. If you have interest in following this, I’d appreciate you signing up for updates. Knowing all the people following this blog are my accountability partners might help increase my focus…

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